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Working principle of sewage pool capping
It is mainly divided into fixed type and mobile type. The fixed type mainly adopts steel support anti hanging membrane structure, which has strong corrosion resistance and its material can completely cover the waste gas. The overall steel structure suspends the membrane outside, so that the corrosivity caused by the contact between the steel structure and the membrane can be fundamentally solved, and the overall anti-corrosion level can be improved very well, with a service life of at least 50 years. Moreover, the weight of membrane material is very light, and it has great tensile strength, which can fundamentally solve the problem that traditional buildings can not be used in large-span, especially suitable for large-area sewage pool.
Sewage sump
The overall rhythm because, the installation is very simple and fast. The steel structure and wool body can be processed uniformly in the factory, only installed on site, so the time required is very short, and it will not affect the normal operation of the internal equipment in the pool, and the later maintenance is also very convenient, which is also the reason why many people choose the fixed sewage pool.
Membrane structure sump
With the increasing living standard, people pay more and more attention to the environment. The sewage in the city has always been very difficult to deal with. There are many factories in the production process will produce exhaust gas, even toxic body, which has a great harm to human health. But for the sake of industrial production, there is no way to do this. The sewage pool can be covered very well To solve this problem, today's editor will introduce to you how the sewage pool can be covered,
Formwork for sewage tank
As the name implies, the sewage tank is covered with membrane material above the sewage tank, and there will be steel structure around it. As long as it is to make the poisonous and stinky smell be isolated from the air, but it will also add a purification tower in the membrane material structure, mainly for the purpose of purification when the waste passes through the purification tower, if the selection is reasonable Under normal circumstances, 90% of the waste can be cleaned up, and the rest will not cause harm to the body.